A Story I Wrote For Fun!


The was a gorgeous vacuum sale at the new settlement. The introduction was at a market institute in a mysterious container. There was also a contest. Many participation papers came in contrast colors. In the container a giant wimpy sprinter dismantled everything and made it all crispy like toast. It was obvious that the superb sprinter was punishable for his dwindling. The container was crumbling and everyone was submerged in the ugly stew that an old lady made.


A New Baby!


There is a new baby at the Toronto zoo! It is a baby polar bear! On Saturday November 9th,2013, a female polar bear gave birth to three cubs. Sadly two cubs did not survive the first 48 hours. Thankfully one cub did. After a couple of days the zoo staff discovered that the cub was not strong or not moving as strongly as a regular cub so they decided to take the cub away from its mother, and move it to the zoo’s “Intensive care unit.” The zoo’s animal care experts took care of the cub feeding it 7 times a day, and taking tests to help it build up its strength. The polar bear cub crossed many milestones, and is growing stronger each day. It learned to purr, crawl, roll over, and even stand on all four legs.

In the last 3 months, the cub has grown much larger, and has been introduced to indoor and outdoor snow. Zoo keepers have also installed an air conditioner  to keep the cub cool and give it the feeling that it is in its own habitat.

After a big decision the cub has been named”Humphrey.””Humphrey” has also been given an Inuit name “Piujuq” which means good and nice. The baby polar bear has been a new excitement at the Toronto zoo for the zoo staffs and visitors. It is always fun to have a baby animal around at the zoo. But now “Humphrey” has been put in the display where everyone can see him. I wonder how he feels. All these strange eyes staring at him, shouts and screams of children, all the attention on him. Well I wonder how it would feel to be an animal, specifically a zoo animal.

So now the polar bear cub named “Humphrey” has joined the Toronto zoo, triggering a lot of excitement, so if you get the time, go check him out!

polar bear

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today is Valentine’s day! Friday February 14th. It is the day we show our love for one and other. Share cards chocolate, anything to so someone how much you care about them even something as simple as a hug, or a flying kiss.

Valentine was a person, and and after doing something to do with love like healing the daughter of his jailer and then writing a letter to her signed at the end “your Valentine” Valentine’s day was celebrated.

So show your love and do something loving today to so someone how much you love them.


Zoos are never the best place to keep animals


Many animals of this time are kept in zoos, because people want to learn more about them, and they want to do many scientific experiments on them, but we can’t just think about how we feel. Their feelings count too. How do you think the animals feel being trapped in cages,not being able to rome around?

Put your self in a zoo animals shoe. Imagine being trapped by an army of hunters,and thrown into a tight ugly cage,away from your family,and your natural habitat,until you die,and until your species become extinct. It does not sound to good does it? In this essay i will be explaining the disadvantages of zoos,and how they change the mood of animals.

1. Keeping animals in zoo cages takes away their freedom,to rome,and spend time with others of their same kind. When we take away animals to the zoo,we only take some,and not the whole pack,so the animal is taken away from its family,and it will be stuck alone for the rest of its life.

2. Animals that are born in zoos don’t learn to hunt like their species in the wild.They are given food by the zoo keepers. They get no physical activities,except walking around their cage,a couple of time,but they mostly sleep. Where as in the wild, the animal would be hunting,and running around, and they would have a bigger space to enjoy life.

3. The animals kept in zoos are mainly unhappy compared to wild animals. The animals are alone and has no one to engage them. In the wild there are many animals of the same species,so most of the animals are happy.

4. When animals are taken to the zoo, they are usually taken from foreign countries.It takes a lot of time for the animal to adjust to its new environment. New weather temperatures, and mainly new habitats

In conclusion these lovely wild animals don’t deserve to be trapped up in these zoo cages, like they are in prison. They deserve to be free, and rome earth, and live in their natural habitat.


Be Strong in the Heart, and Follow it!


Don’t be sad all your life because you don’t have those big strong muscles like a superhero. Be strong in the heart. That’s where it really counts. A strong heart gives kindness, and love, friendship, and joy. Not to mention a healthy life.

Follow your heart, because it will lead you to destiny. To the place of your dreams. Everyone will love you for who you are. Inside and out. your heart shows the way, and tells the difference between right and wrong. Make the right choice in life, and remember to have fun!


strong heart



Fun is not always sitting on your couch playing video games, but is also going for a walk, reading a book ,or something else. You should be creative in your life time, because being creative turns you ideas better, and gives you more knowledge. When you go to school, you learn so many things, and latter all these things contribute to being creative. Being creative means that you imagination comes to life. while being creative you can do anything you like. If your imagination is telling you to make a new planet, then make one. Nothing is impossible. Our creative ideas move us ahead, and we accomplish so many things. Think of something that captures your imagination, and then keep it, and make it yours.

When we came to earth,god sent with the same amount of creativity, deep within us. Now it is time to find it all, and show the world your talent!!


Dreams: A World of Its Own


Dreams are such magical things! Have you ever thought how they work? I mean think about it, while you are sleeping, your mind travels to far of places, and you do so many things that you would never even think about doing in real life. Just sleeping is boring. Dreams engage you and keep you entertained, but some dreams are bad, they are called nightmares. Nightmares are when something bad happens to you or someone/something you love, but you always wake up just before you die.

Dreams give you ideas, and energy. The courage to do something new. Crazy things happen in dreams, and will never be like real life. It is like you visit your own land,every night, and there,well……… nothing is really scientific. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Share your great dreams with other, and help put a smile on their face too!