Do you like to jump on a Trampoline,or swing on the Bars? Well than, Gymnastics is th sport for you.

Did you know that Gymnastics was first concidered a sport of only men? They would put on a show were they would poke a bull with a needle, and then do all kinds os hard tricks on it. Can you even imagine that?! If you would like to explore Gymnastics further, than read the folling topics:

  • Welcome to the gym

  • Clothes for Gymnastics

  • Coaches

  • Basic moves for Gymnastics

  • Shannon Miller

After reading this report, you will be on your way to being a gymnastics pro.


Welcome to the gym!In this chapter, you will learn about the different events that gymnasts do.Lets start off with Bars.


The Bars event has the most exciting moves. Bars are divided into two groups. Males events, and female events.

In the Female events, gamnasts use the Uneven bars. This means one bar is small, and one Bar is big.

The hights of these Bars depend on how tall the gymnast is. The bars are tall enough for the gymnast to swing on with out hitting the ground. Bar routines last about 30 secounds. These routines always end with a dismount.

In the male events, they compete on the horizontal Bar, or the High Bar. Un like the uneven bars, the male bar is a single. This bar is over 8 feet off the ground, but when gymnasts first start to train, it is lowered to 5 feet.


The bar routine should flow from Gymnasts frequently change their grips. While

one move to the next, without any swinging on the bars,gymnasts do something

pauses or extra swings. called a re- grip. This meansthey let go of the

bar, and then grab on again, wich prevents them

rom slipping off.


A trampoline is a piece of fabric stretched out over a steel frame, using many coiled springs. Gamnasts bounce on the trampoline, and do many hard tricks.When Gymnasts are young, and are training, they start off by learning the basic jumps:

  • straight jump

  • tuck jump

  • pike jump

  • star jump

Eventully, they get into advanced jmps and flips. While jumping on the trampoline, gymnasts must have flowing moves. If the moves are stiff, and out of order,than the gymnast might get hurt.

When the gymnasts are learning, they use a harness. It protects gymnasts from acidental crashes or injuries.

Balance Beam:

Only female compete on the event of the balancing act. The beam that this act is done onis 4 inches wide, and 4.9m long. Gymnasts don’t only walk along the beam, but also do many tricks like:

  • handstands

  • walkover

  • cartweels

  • flips and even

  • salots

Remember,these moves are pacticed on the floor before being tried on the beam. To keep balace, gymnasts look straight rather than down. That is the key!

To get used to balancing on the beam, gymnasts start off by walking on a 4 inch wide strip on the ground. As the gymnast becomes more experianced, the balance beam’s hight, inreases, until it reaches its normal hight.


Both male and female compete in the vault event. Female go over the width of the vault, and male go over the length. In 2001, “The International Gymnastics Federation” created a new vault eqipment, that would replace the horse. It is called the vault table.

While vaulting, gymnasts not only use the vault, but also use a springboard, ans sometimes a mini trampoline. The mini trampoline is used mostly for gymnasts who are first starting to train. Once gymnasts know how to vault without the mini trampoline, it will be taken away.


While vaulting make sure to

watch the vault, not the


Page 2


When gymnasts do gymnastics, you don’t see them in jeans and a T-shirt, do you? While doing gymnastics, gymnasts need to wear comfortable clothing, so that they can move around. The most common gym out fitis the one,or two piece leotard. When gymnasts are in primary classes, they can also wear shorts, and a tight T-shirt. The reason coaches don’t recomend lose clothing, is because, it could get cought on something, and rip.

When gymnasts hands rup againsts the bars, they get blisters. To prevent that from happening, gymnasts wear hand grips. These grips are different for male and female. Gymnasts also rub chalk on their hand, so that they don’t slip off the bars.

* Always have a water

bottle with you so that when you need to hidrate, you self, you can.

* NEVER chew gum while doing gymnastics you could choke!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • If you have long hair, tie it back while doing gymnastics

  • Try taking off all jewelry before coming into the gym.



A coach is just like a school teacher, but works in a gym. A gymnastics coach helps you learn gymnastics, and become successful.

Never do gymnastics alone. Always have a coach or an adult supervise you. This way, if you are hurt,then they can make right decision. The coach can help you correct mistakes before they become bad habits. The coach also offers you good advice on exercises, and healthy foods to eat. No matter how confident you feel, never try new moves on gymnastics equipment with out a presence of a coach. When you do want to try a new move, the coach will guide you through the steps.


Try these moves at home When starting gymnastics, but remember, don;t forget to stretch first. You need to warm up your muscles. These moves, may take time to learn, wich means that you will not learn then immedietly, but soon you will get there. Here is what you will learn:

  • Handstand

  • Bridge

  • Front roll


Place your hand up, palms facing forward.

Put your right/left foot forward, and place your hands down on the floor.

Kick your legs up, and squeeze them together.

Step down, one foot at a time.


Lay down on your back, and bend your knees

Put your feet fla on the floor

Put your palms down, fingers pointing towards your toes

Arch your back, and push your hips up into the air.

Front Roll

Bend at the knees, and waist. Go all the way down

Reach your hands out infront of youpalms facing forward.

Tuck your chin in

Push off with your legs, and put your palms down

Roll over

Put your feet on the floor.

Return to normal position

page 4


Shannon Lee Miller, is one of the greatesr gymnastss of all times. She was born in Rolla Missouri on March 10th 1977, but her family moved to Edmond Oklahoma when she was six months old. Shannon Miller competed in many different gymnastics events. Here are the years, and type of medals she won:

  • 1991 World Chamipionships- Bars (silver) Team (silver)

  • 1992 Olympic Games- All Around(silver) Beam(silver) Floor(bronze) Bars(bronze) Team(bronze)

  • 1993 World Championships- All Around(gold Bars(gold) Floor(gold)

  • 1994 Teams World Championships- Team(silver)

  • 1995 World Championships- Team(bronze)

  • 1996 Olympic Games- Beam(gold) Team(gold)

Shannon Miller is ranked as most ‘decorated’ gymnast in “U.S. History!” Now any gymnasts dream is to reach this winning position that she is now holding.


Now that you ahve learned about gymnastics, you can teach others. Spread the information to the world. Togrther we can make people smarter, and keep them fit. If you enjoyed reading this report, then you will enjoy doing gymnastics, even more. : )


  • Blisters: A this bubble on your skin.

  • Confident: Having a strong felling, or belief on something.

  • Dismount: A gymnastics move where a gymnast gets off an apparatus.

  • Experianced: Skillful, in a paticular field.

  • Harness: A belt used for trampoline, when learning how to do hard tricks.

  • High Bar: Also known as Horizontal bar is regidly held above and parallel to the floor.

  • Horse: A loaf shaped frame covered with foam, rubber, and leather, used for gymnastics.(Gymnastics Term)

  • Horizontal Bar: Also known as High Bar, is regidly held above and parallel to the floor.

  • Leotard: A skin tight one/two piece garment for gymnastics,dance…….ect.

  • Mini Trampoline: A smaller version of a bigger trampoline.

  • Pike Jump: A jump where your feet are straight out infront of you, and you touch your toes.

  • Position: Current state of a person, or an object.

  • Recomended: To advise or to recomend something.

  • Routine: A regular course or prosedure.

  • Salots: An extreamly diffecult, and dangerous gymnastics move.

  • Spring Board: A platform set apon one or multiple springs.

  • Star Jump: A jump where your body is in a star shape.

  • Supervise: To have an over sight on someone.

  • Tuck Jump: A jump where you bring your knees to your chest.


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