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T.V. Advert- Head Dress


This is a script for a T.V. Advert, that me and a group at school are doing, as a project. We need to advertise something from ancient Egypt, and we decided, that we were going to advertise a head dress. Take a look.


– Slave 1(queen’s slave)

-slave 2(queen’s slave)

-head dress seller

– queen

( Scene 1: Queen’s Dressing room. Two slaves sewing the hem of Queen ‘s dress. Light goes on Queen and slaves. Queen reaches for head dress.)

( Queen Shrieks. Two slaves prick finger with needle.)

Slaves: What is the problem your majesty?!?

Queen: This is the problem! ( Using two fingers holding the headdress away from her body, like it is disgusting.)

Queen: I…… WANT…….A…….. NEW………. HEAD DRESS!!!! WITH MY OWN DESIGN!!!

( Says it with clenched teeth)

( Slaves :1st slave quickly feather pen. 2nd slave grabs papyrus, and gives it to the Queen.)

( Queen: Quickly scribbles something on the papyrus, and gives it to slave 1.)

(Slaves: Rushes to head dress store.)

( Scene 2: Seller: Busy signing, and reading papyrus.)

( Slave 1, and slave 2 burst through head dress store.)

Slave 1: The Queen has commanded you to come to her throne room at once.

( Seller does not look up.)

Slave 2: She needs a new head dress!

(Seller looks up suddenly.)

( Seller grabs all the materials, and rushes to the plalace.)

(Scene 3: In the throne room with seller.

Seller: I came here has quickly has possible.

( Slave 2 :Gives the papyrus to the seller.)

( Seller: Turns around and rumages in a box of materials, and takes out head dress materials. Starts making the head dress.)

Queen: So, why should I buy this head dress?

(Seller: Takes out head dress, and puts it on pillow, that slave 2 is holding.)

Seller: This head dress:

  • Has your own design
  • made out of the finest materials
  • it is strong
  • it is light so you can carry it around
  • It will not fall off your head
  • it is made out of pure gold, and real diamonds.

Queen: Put the head dress on me.

( Slave 2 walks towards the queen, with the head dress on the pillow, and slave 1 puts the on the queen. Queen admires her self.

Queen: I love it! How much is it?

Seller: 3 pieces of gold please.

Queen: Of course, take it.

(Hands seller, gold)

Seller: Thank you

Slave 1: You look wonderful

(Lights go out, advert over.)


Bullying Skit


This is a script that me and three other friends made up.

The them is” the teacher comes to us, and asks have you seen your friend bullying, and walks away, and we have to decide what to say.

Adshayah is the person, who can’t make up her mind. ( follower)

Mahnoor is the person how says lets tell the truth.

Maathurya is the person who does not want to get involved.

and Christine which is me is the person who wants to say no we did not see anything.


Maathurya: Guys, we have to come to a decision. You decide because I don’t want to be in this.

Mahnoor: I say we tell the truth because I’m writing an essay on bullying and I won’t be able to take this. Standing up for a bully, no way.

Christine: Well, I think we shouldn’t. Come on you guys, we’ve known her forever. It’s just too hard.

Adshayah: I’m sort of on Mahnoor’s side. Actually, on Christine’s. No, No on Mahnoor’s. Now that I think about, I really don’t know.

Maathurya: Maybe I’m going to walk away now? (Walks away)

Christine: Ok, so what’s it going to be?

*All at the same time:   Mahnoor: Yes.        Adshayah: Maybe.      Christine: No.  (all talking at each other like rubbish)

Mahnoor: Fine, we will all tell and you can just stand there and do the wrong thing.

Christine: I agree with Mahnoor. Fine, I give in.

Adshayah: Okay, I don’t mind, let’s just do it.

Maathurya: Okay, yeah, sure, whatever.