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Dear J.K. Rowling…………


Dear J.K. Rowling,

Hi my name is Christine Poudel. I am ten years old, and I am one of you biggest “Harry Potter” fans.

I have read all of the books, and watched all the movies. Your books have really inspired me to write stories that are imaginary, because your imagination went so far that you created a new world of magic.

When ever I do some thing on writing, I always use you as an example. I have recommended your books to everyone, and when they read it, what do they tell me? “ Those were the best books I have read”, or “omg those books were so good! She has to write another one!”

Last year, me and my other two friends always played “Harry Potter”, and we never got tired of it, and now even if we don’t play it that often, those days always give us the best memories.

I have read so many biographies on you, and they all say that you got your book idea when you were riding a train somewhere, and you looked out of the window, and poof you got the idea, but what exactly came into your head? I would love to know.

When I grow up I also want to be a author, what does it take to be one? I write everyday for at least 30 minutes, I have a best friend who also loves to write, and we work on so many writing projects together. I have wrote so many essays and I won second place for one, and it got published in a magazine, and have lots of stories that i wrote to.

One of the essays are about why we should write every day, another one is about recycling, another is about how more people at my school should walk, and many more.

If I were trapped in a tower, all I would need to survive is a pencil, a never ending note book, and water. I write all day and night. Can’t wait to read your reply.

Your fan,


This is a letter to J.K. Rowling, That I wrote for fun.