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Amulet’s Journal- Ancient Egypt-Cleopatra’s Slave


I am so hurt!!!!! Today the “Royal Majesty”……… YOU KNOW WHAT?! I am calling her Cleopatra! Not in real life though, can’t take that risk, but in my journal, it is Cleopatra. Anyways, she wipped me! How dare she hurt me. Of course, there was a reason, but could she not find anything better to do, than to go around wipping any slave she finds?

Sorry about all this anger, but i am just so mad. I know I did something bad, and I will never do it again, but there could be another punishments instead of wipping, like making me clean the floor, or something. If I were queen, I would not wip my slaves, I would give them punishments, but not wip them. I mean if i did something bad, and no one told me, or punished me, i would think it is right, and keep doing it.

Maybe it is because i know what it feels like to be a slave. I would treat my slaves nicly. Everyone in the whole world deserves to be treated equally, rich or poor. Slaves get treated like animals, while Pharaohs and rich people, get treated like gods. “ Hello people, we have feelings too, we are not animals, and even if we were, animals have feelings!”

Well, that is it for today.


Guys, this was a journal that i wrote, in role as Cleopatra’s slave in ancient Egypt. I will have another 4 i hope you enjoy them.


I Wish I Lived in Ancient…………..


 I wish I lived in Ancient Egypt because, I could go visit places that I have always wanted to go, like the Nile River. I can just imagine a trip to the river collect water, or to wash clothes. I could also see the pyramids and I would have learned the peoples languages and lived in their homes.

I could go see the pyramids. The large pyramids, that have been there for so many centuries. I don’t know if I could go inside, but even if I can’t then a could have still seen the massive structures for myself ! If i could go inside, then i would be able to see the great old mummies, although they sometimes scare me, or gross me out, it would be a great experience.

In ancient Egypt I would have learned the peoples language. Their way of communication. Maybe they used pictures to tell each other things. I also would have learned to write  in hieroglyphics which would be amazing.

I would have got to live in the homes in ancient Egypt. They are very large. Yeah, they are not perfect, and beautiful, as you would want them, but in that time, those house, were the best.

So those are the reasons that I wish to live in ancient Egypt.