Hi, my name is Christine, welcome to my blog!

I’m 11 years old and is in Grade 5! I created this because one of myy BFFS showed me hers and I got inspired to create my own blog.

I live in Markham and I have a sister, Suzanne.  She’s so nice!

I love gymnastics. Such a great sport. It’s awesome!

I am passionate about writing and am a writer. I also have interests in books,and technology.

My favourite kind of music is pop. I listen to it a lot.

My mom and my dad are both very nice and they both help me a lot and take care of me.

Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to read them.


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  1. I really love your blog, and would love to feature you on mine and introduce my readers to you! Would you be interested in guest posting on my site? I admire what you have to say about writing, and think we could build some really interesting conversation. What do you think about a guest blog post on my blog, to publish in 2 weeks or so? Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Hi Christine, I am going to feature in the Virtual Blog Tour. What you have to do is pick three bloggers and write a small description about why you like their blogs. You can’t pick one anyone already did. Then you have to answer four questions. Here is an example: http://kristaluvssketching.wordpress.com/2014/07/07/virtual-blog-tour-the-dreamers-in-the-world/

    My post-July 14th
    Your post-July 21st
    The people you choose-July 28th
    The people they pick- August 4th and so on

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