Writing: A part of your daily life


Writing is part of everyone’s daily life. If you don’t like writing, and get bored while writing, then you have a lot to discover. Writing should be a joy to your life. Do writing like it is a game. Make it fun to do. If you write for at least 30 minutes everyday, then after some time you come to like writing, and if you already do then that is great! Maybe that could be your career, maybe you will be able to create a best seller, or a Newberry Honor. If that is your dream then you should be proud of yourself, and even if it is not your dream, 30 minutes of writing everyday is good for you.
If you still don’t want to write, and want to know why 30 minutes of writing everyday, is good then read this essay.
Writing will help you improve lots of your skills like:

  • grammar
  • spelling
  • handwriting/typing, you can also type it

These skills are also used in school while doing work, more writing means more A+’s! Now, if you write for 3 hours on a weekend and write nothing on the weekdays,it is not going to help.A writer named Jeff Goins said that the secret to great writing is “Don’t write a lot, just write often.” So 30 minutes of writing every day is perfect.
You can do any type of writing as long as it is writing/typing. You can write a story, or a report, or even an essay. If you write a story, your imagination will grow. Here is an example.
Lets just look at J.K Rowling. She is one of the greatest authors of all times, and her “Harry Potter” books are all imaginary. J.K Rowling has created a whole new world of magic. But how did she start? By writing a little every day. Her first story was about a rabbit named rabbit. See, every one stats low but if you really believe in your self you could reach really high standards.
If you write a report, you will gain more knowledge. All those book about plants and animals give you a lot of information. Start of by taking notes. Then turn those note into sentence of your own.
If you write an essay, you get to tell people how you feel about something. This is usually persuasive writing. In the world there are a lot of writing pieces that are about world peace and saving the environment.Try one.
Doing this will increase your writing level. If every student did this, and we made a graph on the increase of better writing, then the difference over time would be big and better. It might not look like a lot,but it is a super big amount of improvement.
Writing every day also builds up you speed. At school, this usually helps when you are taking notes from a video, or when the teacher is reading some thing to you and you need to take notes. Writing fast, but making sure that it is neat is also very important. You would not want to hand in a project that was done in two days but is very messy, would you? Or, one that is super neat but was done a week after the due date? You would want one that was neat and is just on time.
When you do your every day writing, try to keep all the pieces together. Once you have a lot, you could make it into book, and once in a while you could look back and see what you have done. It could be called” 30 minutes of writing every day”. This is the part called creativity.

Writing every day helps you get creative. Lets say you wrote a story, a report or an essay, and you really like it. What could you do? Publish it!! And who is the publisher?You! You can publish your writing piece in any way you want.Here are some examples. Use some construction paper to make a front cover write the story inside and staple everything together.

If you are doing an essay,maybe you could publish it as a little two page book?
If you are doing a report you can also publish it in a little book, but this book can be in any way you like.
Being creative is not hard at all.
So, is writing for 30 minutes that bad after all?



About Christine

Hi!!! My name is Christine and I live in Markham, ON, Canada. I love to write and read books, they are both awesome hobbies. I also love to blog, it's really cool. I'm also learning gymnastics, I'm really flexible. I also have a sister, named Suzanne. She's really nice. One thing's for sure, I can't live without my family and friends. In 20 years you'll probably see me being a gymnast. Well, that's mainly all about me.

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