Quotes by me


These are Quotes by me:

“Your life is in your hands,and faith is within you.You can direct your self, but what happens on the way is always a mystery.”

“Balance your self between love and friendship, or one will go against you.”

“Push your self to where you must stand, but be a where that there will be things to block you.”

“Without a goal to accomplish everyday, you will never move forward.”

“Your eyes might be small but you must always have a big dream.”


About Christine

Hi!!! My name is Christine and I live in Markham, ON, Canada. I love to write and read books, they are both awesome hobbies. I also love to blog, it's really cool. I'm also learning gymnastics, I'm really flexible. I also have a sister, named Suzanne. She's really nice. One thing's for sure, I can't live without my family and friends. In 20 years you'll probably see me being a gymnast. Well, that's mainly all about me.

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