Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Snowy Day….


It’s snowing….. and it is freezing cold

It make this weather happy we need some joyful souls

some happy hearts

but…… I’m not happy…nor joyful

My heart feel frozen

maybe even colder then what it feels like outside

It doesn’t take long to make a mistake

maybe not even a second…..

but it takes time for that mistake to heal

for it to be forgotten…..

just like the snow outside…

It doesn’t take long for the sky to sprinkle snow

and make our shovelling job an hour longer

but…..for all the snow to melt it takes

weeks, maybe even months

I’m looking out the window…

It is snowing hard….

In the sky there is one bird….just one

Flying all alone…..

I wonder how it feels?….Isolated from everyone else

circling, and circling……

It shouldn’t even be here

in the cold heart of Canada…

not now anyways…..

Come later when the flowers start to bloom

when the ice melts away

when you have a place to stay

when my frozen heart melts away

I’m sorry for the mistake I made….

I hope it heals faster, then is

snowy day