A Story I Wrote For Fun!


The was a gorgeous vacuum sale at the new settlement. The introduction was at a market institute in a mysterious container. There was also a contest. Many participation papers came in contrast colors. In the container a giant wimpy sprinter dismantled everything and made it all crispy like toast. It was obvious that the superb sprinter was punishable for his dwindling. The container was crumbling and everyone was submerged in the ugly stew that an old lady made.


About Christine

Hi!!! My name is Christine and I live in Markham, ON, Canada. I love to write and read books, they are both awesome hobbies. I also love to blog, it's really cool. I'm also learning gymnastics, I'm really flexible. I also have a sister, named Suzanne. She's really nice. One thing's for sure, I can't live without my family and friends. In 20 years you'll probably see me being a gymnast. Well, that's mainly all about me.

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