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Dreams: A World of Its Own


Dreams are such magical things! Have you ever thought how they work? I mean think about it, while you are sleeping, your mind travels to far of places, and you do so many things that you would never even think about doing in real life. Just sleeping is boring. Dreams engage you and keep you entertained, but some dreams are bad, they are called nightmares. Nightmares are when something bad happens to you or someone/something you love, but you always wake up just before you die.

Dreams give you ideas, and energy. The courage to do something new. Crazy things happen in dreams, and will never be like real life. It is like you visit your own land,every night, and there,well……… nothing is really scientific. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Share your great dreams with other, and help put a smile on their face too!




Happy New Year!


Happy new year everyone! 2014 is here!!!!!!! Time to start fresh! Make some resolutions, and go for it. Try to make life just the way you want. Take the challenge, and try harder everyday! Your new year is a change for you to show the world what you can do!

Happy-New-Year Happy-New-Year-2014