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Would you rather eat ice cream than broccoli??? If your answer is yes, then one day you are going to regret it.  Eating healthy is really important especially for kids. If you eat unhealthy food (food containing excessive fat, salt, and sugar which are commonly referred as ‘junk food’), you may not see bad effects immediately, but when you grow older, then the health problems will start knocking your door. Do you want more details on why children should eat healthy? Then read on.

If you eat healthy, then your body will get enough nutrients, and you will be able to study better in school.  How do you do it? First, you need to eat a healthy breakfast. Without that your brain will not function properly, and I can tell you that your day will not be as good as you expect.  Anyways, breakfast at home can be as easy as 1-2-3! Now, the question is how to make your breakfast healthy?

Have you ever heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” That is true. An apple is a great fruit to start off your day. Do you want to know why? Well, it is because an apple has vitamins, which are good for you. These vitamins give you energy, keep your heart beating, keep your brain active, and your muscles working. Our body is just like a machine, it needs good fuel to work, just like other machines do. They don’t just run on anything. Water is one of the very important components of our body. It is needed to stay healthy, or to even survive. If you don’t have water in your system, then your body suffers from something called “Dehydration”. So, drink a lot of water, instead of sugary soda (pop) drinks.  Eating foods with lots of nutrients also lowers the risks of some types of diseases. Nutrients are needed in your body from all the four food groups. So live a healthy life, with healthy food.

You should also eat healthy because, you need to stay fit. These days, obesity among children is a big problem. Obesity makes immune systems weaker and can’t fight off diseases. Some children are even born without an immune system, so eating healthy food is even more important for them. These children need to stay in a special room, where there is not even a speck of dust, and if they get sick, they will not get better.

Junk food is considered the first reason behind obesity. With the increase of eating junk food, the number of obese children is growing. Now days, most parents are very busy, and try to feed their children in the fastest way possible. This leads to children having repacked, and fast food, containing more sugar and salt in their daily life. Excessive sugar and salt are the main causes for diabetes, and heart problems.

Eat healthy because your body, especially your bones and teeth will grow strong, and you will get enough energy to move around.  For that to happen, you need calcium in your body. Where do you get that from? Milk products! Did you know that people say, “Milk” is nature’s wellness drink? Well I think that they are right.  Milk can keep you well. Now, you may be wondering, ‘what is calcium?’ Well you are about to find out. Calcium is most common mineral found in your body, and in most foods. It is used by the nerves, muscles, teeth, and bones. It is found in products such as milk.

In conclusion, eating anything is not enough, eating healthy food is very important, especially for children, as they need to grow healthy, strong and smart.