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Eye Catching Monday 2



Terry Fox: Running the Marathon of Hope


Terry Fox was a person with hope,courage and strength.In 1980 when one leg was amputated, he decided to do a Cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer research. Terry Fox ran for 143 days and 5,373 kilometres in total. soon his cancer spread, and he was forced to quit his run. Terry’s goal/wish was for every Canadian to donate one dollar . Terry Fox’s Courage created a long lasting Worldwide legacy. Today, “Thursday September 26 2013,” run for Terry, and for your loved ones who have died or suffered form cancer, or just run for hope on cancer research, and continue to fulfill Terry Fox’s Dream.


Skeletal System


What is a skeleton?

A skeleton is the frame of your body, where all your other systems, and organs and systems rely on. It is made out of bones, bones, and more bones, in all different shapes and sizes! Although we call it a skeleton, it has many different parts, and we call them many different names.

Why do we have a skeleton?

Do you know why we can stand up straight? It is because we have a skeleton. If we did not have a skeleton, we would melt down to the ground, and this way, we can’t run,walk, or do anything at all.

Strong and healthy bones!

Are you tired of hearing your parents telling you to drink milk? Here is the reason why. Milk makes your bones strong and healthy. I t has something called calcium, that your bones need to make sure you stand up straight.

Amazing Fact!

The longest bone is your body is the Femur, which is the thigh bone, and the shortest is the Stirrup, which is the ear bone.

Fact #1!

How many bones do you have in your body? 206!




This is a monologue. It is like a story about you are in roll as a different person. In this monologue, I work at a gristmill. It is from the pioneer times.

My name is Hannah Miller. I am 28 years old. I work at a gristmill. My father worked there before her died, so my family and I need to do the job together. My little brother would do the job, but he is too small to do it by himself, so we work together until he gets older. Luckily I have a sister one year younger than me , to help do the gristmill job, while my mother takes care of my little brother and sister. When the day is over, we are so happy. Our family sits together, and looks through all the thingswe got that people traded with us. Being a gristmill worker is a hard job.