Adshayah’s Blog


I just wanted to tell you about my BFF’s blog. My BFF Adshayah and I always share writing pieces, and always do writing together. She has taught me so much, and I just love working with her. She is my inspiration. Adshayah gives me courage, and power. Together our writing is so strong.

When me and Adshayah talk about writing, I feel as if me and her are the only ones in the entire world. She is the BEST  writing partner anyone could ask for.

Check out her blog at


About Christine

Hi!!! My name is Christine and I live in Markham, ON, Canada. I love to write and read books, they are both awesome hobbies. I also love to blog, it's really cool. I'm also learning gymnastics, I'm really flexible. I also have a sister, named Suzanne. She's really nice. One thing's for sure, I can't live without my family and friends. In 20 years you'll probably see me being a gymnast. Well, that's mainly all about me.

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