Panda’s Come to Toronto!


On March 25th 2013 two Giant Pandas from China landed in Toronto, to be kept in the Toronto zoo for 5 years. This day was very exciting for everyone, because Pandas have not been in any Canadian zoos for almost 20 years!
The company that volunteered to ship the pandas to Toronto was Fed Ex. On this date, Stephan Harper, the Prime minister of Canada came to the Piersen Airport to welcome the pandas, and also the ambasiter of China. Fed Ex also volenteered to ship the bamboos to the Toronto zoo, because after all Bamboos don’t grow in Canada,and Pandas do need to eat something.
Stephan Harper,made a welcome speach, that would show the pandas, how special they are. These Pandas are China’s treasures,as Stephan Harper says, and we are very lucky to have them.
The Pandas, Er Shan and Da mao are learning to adjust to there new habitat, and once they are ready, the will be on show at the Toronto zoo.


About Christine

Hi!!! My name is Christine and I live in Markham, ON, Canada. I love to write and read books, they are both awesome hobbies. I also love to blog, it's really cool. I'm also learning gymnastics, I'm really flexible. I also have a sister, named Suzanne. She's really nice. One thing's for sure, I can't live without my family and friends. In 20 years you'll probably see me being a gymnast. Well, that's mainly all about me.

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